Le Cordon Bleu Paris: Week 6 & 7

So these two weeks are more of recap lessons. Practicing the methods and techniques we were taught the previous lessons.    This demonstration was a colourful one.  To put it simply, I’d prefer a good tart over a good cake. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me? Of course during practical, we weren’t required to … Continue reading

Le Cordon Bleu Paris: Week 4 & 5

 These two weeks were a time of choux pastries, cookies and meringue based sponges. So, we started of the week with a French classic, Saint Honoré. This dessert is essentially a disc of pastry at the base, a ring of choux pastry around the edge and little choux puffs dipped into caramelised sugar, arranged around … Continue reading

Le Cordon Bleu Paris: Week 2 & 3

   Another 2 weeks of school has come and passed so quickly.  Since I only had 2 school days on week 2, I’ve decided to combine both week 2 & 3 for a slightly longer post. So, to start of the week, I made a buttery fruit cake. A simple and straightforward item that one … Continue reading

Le Cordon Bleu Paris: Week 1

   Week 1 has passed so quickly! The chef instructors were all such lovable people.  Lessons here are split into 2 catogaries, Demonstrations & Practical. So the instructor demonstrates a couple of items while you watch and take notes of the methods used. After this, it’s your turn. It’s time to suit up, gear up … Continue reading

The British Ride

   So I made my way to the land of ear-candy accents.  As expected, the skies were gloomy but nonetheless, I was still excited to be there. My housemate’s brother kindly made his way down to London to meet us as brought us around for that few days.   Harrods was a beautiful places. The … Continue reading

Paris Bound

   So, I’ve been in Paris for about 3 weeks now. It still feels so surreal that I’ll be here till the end of the year.  Thinking of my meals everyday can get tiring but at least the groceries are cheaper here compared to Singapore. In terms of my French skills, I’d confidently say it’s … Continue reading

Bam! Tapas-Sake Bar @ Tras Street

You know that place that the local tv stars go to? Yeap it’s this place. A Pretty cool place. The seats outside though, we’re pretty uncomfortable. Seats are limited so be sure to make reservations before coming. Pork Ear with Quinoa and Salmon Roe Kampong Egg with Baby Sotong and Chorizo Soft Shell Crab with … Continue reading

Bar-Roque Grill @ Tanjong Pagar

Bar-Roque is a premium-casual bar & grill restaurant. What does that mean? It pretty much means despite being a casual dining area, the food served is of premium quality and standard. I love this concept as I feel with this casual concept, you can enjoy both the food and company in peace. They have a … Continue reading

The Prime Society @ Dempsey

Prime Society is a clean cut restaurant that serves their premium beef in it’s simplest form. They have a set menu that includes 4 Starters, 2 mains and 3 desserts, which is more than enough for 3-4 to share. These are the 4 starters which were fairly yummy. Nothing extraordinary but no complaints~ 2 mains! … Continue reading

Supply & Demand @ Orchardgateway

Supply demand is a pretty restaurant with a chill vibe, friendly staff and great food. Garlic Truffle Fries! Honestly easily one of the better few I’ve tried. This was delish~ Chicken! Lamb! Beef! In Supply & Demand, the do things differently. They have their usual mains like the pastas and pizzas but for your protein, … Continue reading

House @ Dempsey

House is an industrial chic vintage eatery at Dempsey Hill. It’s furnished with quirky chairs and tables. It has a very chill vibe to it. The truffle fries that’s always raved about. It was okay? It wasn’t bad, nothing special though~ Eggs Benedict~ Mini sliders with a side of truffle fries and sweet potato fries. … Continue reading