Tamoya @ Liang Court


Tamoya is a Japanese Udon house by Sanuki udon champion, Tamotsu Kurokawa. From a quaint little udon stand to restaurant, he has now franchised his art to Singapore!

The service style is very customised to the customers. You first choose the udon you want and the amount you want. They come either cold or hot, plain or with meat. In less than a minute, your yummy bowl of udon will be handed to you.

Next up it’s your sides! Take a plate and choose the tempura or other sides you would like to chow on and proceed to the cashier. They will charge you accordingly.

Proceed to the next part and get your condiments and toppings. This is where you can add your tempura bits, kelp, spring onion, etc. this is also where you can get the tempura sauce, water and your udon eating weapons aka chopsticks.

You can now finally get back to your table and enjoy your bowl of udon~

I really like this service style, it makes the process fast and easy, you get your food fast without sacrificing taste and authenticity. Which to me sounds too good to be true. It’s like going to a fast-food restaurant but still getting good food.

I’ll definitely be back for more! Yumm~


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